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Relay Studio is a Copenhagen-based design and animation practice that creates bold, effortless, eye-catching visual solutions. Composed of Rasmus Bak and Andreas Bjørn Hansen, the studio’s ethos is defined by a few simple things: a shared graphical background, an almost telepathic chemistry formed from years of working together, and—perhaps above all else—a real knack for consistently capturing one of the design world’s most timeless (yet notoriously elusive) old flames: simplicity.

Relay Studio’s portfolio sits somewhere between graphic design, motion design, and simple animation. Their style is at once understated and overwhelmingly effective at conveying the right message. So much of what they do is about distilling and decluttering. They take complicated concepts and strip away all the unnecessary elements until all that’s left is the substance. It’s not too decorative, not too burdened by fluff. It’s straightforward and to the point. And every element serves a purpose.

With client work ranging from bold 2D graphics for Arc'teryx, to intuitive interface brand films for IKEA, to animated typography for Samsung, even to entire design systems for Verizon 5G, the diversity of deliverables is vast. And the propensity for problem-solving through various forms of visual storytelling is something to be admired.

What sets Relay Studio apart is a little tough to explain, yet easy to see. In fact, Relay Studio are firm believers in the “show don’t tell” philosophy. They prefer to let their work do the talking rather than talk about their work. So with that, maybe the best thing left to do? Go have a look at their work!

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